H Wilson WT1642E-N-Green - $151.00

 15.5-42.5"H x 24"W Tuffy AV and Multimedia Cart - Green - WT1642E-N
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H Wilson - WT1642E-N-Green

15.5-42.5"H x 24"W Tuffy AV and Multimedia Cart - Green - WT1642E-N

Leg Color: Nickel
Shelf Color: Green
Item# WT1642E-N-Green
Price: $151.00
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 Product Specifications
H Wilson
Usually Ships Within:
3-5 Business Days
Projector Carts
Height (IN.):
Width (IN.):
Depth (IN.):
Casters with Locks
Number of Electrical Outlets:
Number of Shelves:
Product Line:

  • Tuffy Open Shelf A/V Carts

  • Engineered thermoplastic resin, injection molded.
  • Will not chip, warp, crack, rust, or peel.
  • Shelves are 11/2" thick. [ Legs are 1 1/2" square.
  • All 18" D x 24"W shelves have a 1/4" safety retaining lip and a raised texture surface to ensure minimal sliding.
  • 3-outlet UL approved electrical assembly with a 15 ft. cord, cord management wrap, and three cable management clips.
  • Electrical attachment is recessed to insure easy passage through doorways and other tight spots.
  • Four 4" silent roll, full swivel ball, bearing casters, two with locks, max. weight rated at 125 lbs. each.
  • Three shelf models will hold 200 lbs., evenly distributed. Available in 16", 26", 34", and 42" Heights.
  • Shelves and legs are made from recyclable material.


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WT2642CE3-Hunter Green24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Tuffy cart w/Cabinet-3-Hunter Green - WT2642CE$222.00
WT26CE3-Yellow24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Yellow - WT26CE$183.00
WT26CE3-Red24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Red - WT26CE$183.00
WT26CE3-Blue24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Blue - WT26CE$183.00
WT26CE3-Purple24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Purple - WT26CE$185.00
WT26CE3-Gray24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Gray - WT26CE$182.00
WT26CE3-Green24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Green - WT26CE$183.00
WT26CE3-Orange24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Orange - WT26CE$185.00
WT26CE3-Burgundy24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Burgundy - WT26CE$186.00
WT26CE3-Topaz Blue24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Topaz Blue - WT26CE$185.00
WT26CE3-Hunter Green24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-3-Hunter Green - WT26CE$185.00
WT34CE3-Yellow34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Yellow - WT34HE$211.00
WT34CE3-Red34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Red - WT34HE$209.00
WT34CE3-Blue34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Blue - WT34HE$209.00
WT34CE3-Purple34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Purple - WT34HE$212.00
WT34CE3-Gray34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Gray - WT34HE$207.00
WT34CE3-Green34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Green - WT34HE$211.00
WT34CE3-Orange34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Orange - WT34HE$212.00
WT34CE3-Burgundy34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Burgundy - WT34HE$212.00
WT34CE3-Topaz Blue34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Topaz Blue - WT34HE$212.00
WT34CE3-Hunter Green34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Hunter Green - WT34HE$212.00
WT42CE3-Yellow42H Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Yellow - WT42CE$215.00
WT42CE3-Red42H Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Red - WT42CE$215.00
WT42CE3-Blue42H Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Blue - WT42CE$214.00
WT42CE3-Purple42H Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Purple - WT42CE$218.00
WT42CE3-Gray42.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Gray - WT42CE -WT42CE3$214.00
WT42CE3-Green42H Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Green - WT42CE$215.00
WT42CE3-Orange42.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Orange - WT42CE -WT42CE3$217.00
WT42CE3-Burgundy42.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Burgundy - WT42CE -WT42CE3$219.00
WT42CE3-Topaz Blue42H Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Topaz Blue - WT42CE$217.00
WT42CE3-Hunter Green42.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-3-Hunter Green - WT42CE -WT42CE3$217.00
WT2642CE2-Blue24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Blue - WT2642CE-B$221.00
WT2642CE2-Burgundy24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Burgundy$221.00
WT2642CE2-Green24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Green$221.00
WT2642CE2-Gray24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Gray$221.00
WT2642CE2-Hunter Green24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Hunter Green$221.00
WT2642CE2-Orange24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Orange$221.00
WT2642CE2-Purple24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Purple$221.00
WT2642CE2-Red24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Red$221.00
WT2642CE2-Yellow24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Yellow$221.00
WT2642CE2-Topaz Blue24.5-42.5"H x 24"W Height Adjustable Tuffy AV Utility Cart w/Cabinet-WT2642CE2-Topaz Blue$221.00
WT26CE2-Blue24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Blue - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26CE2-Burgundy24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Burgundy - WT26CE-B$215.00
WT26CE2-Green24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Green - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26CE2-Gray24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Gray - WT26CE-B$215.00
WT26CE2-Hunter Green24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Hunter Green - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26CE2-Orange24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Orange - WT26CE-B$215.00
WT26CE2-Purple24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Purple - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26CE2-Red24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Red - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26CE2-Yellow24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Yellow - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26CE2-Topaz Blue24.5"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/ Cabinet-WT26CE2-Topaz Blue - WT26CE-B$185.00
WT26E-B-Blue26H Tuffy Cart--B-Blue - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Burgundy26H Tuffy Cart--B-Burgundy - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Green26H Tuffy Cart--B-Green - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Gray26H Tuffy Cart--B-Gray - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Hunter Green26H Tuffy Cart--B-Hunter Green - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Orange26H Tuffy Cart--B-Orange - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Purple26H Tuffy Cart--B-Purple - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Red26H Tuffy Cart--B-Red - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Yellow26H Tuffy Cart--B-Yellow - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-B-Topaz Blue26H Tuffy Cart--B-Topaz Blue - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Blue26H Tuffy Cart--N-Blue - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Burgundy26H Tuffy Cart--N-Burgundy - WT26E$118.00
WT26E-N-Green26H Tuffy Cart--N-Green - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Gray26H Tuffy Cart--N-Gray - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Hunter Green26H Tuffy Cart--N-Hunter Green - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Orange26H Tuffy Cart--N-Orange - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Purple26H Tuffy Cart--N-Purple - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Red26H Tuffy Cart--N-Red - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Yellow26H Tuffy Cart--N-Yellow - WT26E$117.00
WT26E-N-Topaz Blue26H Tuffy Cart--N-Topaz Blue - WT26E$117.00
WT34CE2-B-Blue34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Blue - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Burgundy34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Burgundy - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Green34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Green - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Gray34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Gray - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Hunter Green34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Hunter Green - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Orange34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Orange - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Purple34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Purple - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Red34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Red - WT34HE$240.00
WT34CE2-B-Yellow34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Yellow - WT34HE$204.00
WT34CE2-B-Topaz Blue34"H X 24"W Tuffy Cart w/Cabinet-2-B-Topaz Blue - WT34HE$204.00

Customer Reviews

Nice Unit2/17/2012
easily assembled, sturdy

34H Tuffy Cart4/22/2011
 The cart assembled easily except that the 8 1/2 inch legs are too tight a fit over the leg bases with the result that they all started splitting the first week. The 16 1/2 inch legs, however, fit fine. If you get this cart have some duct tape on hand to wrap any legs that split.

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